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KYAE staff listed alphabetically

(Please note:  All staff names below are a direct link to their individual e-mail addresses.)

Elizabeth Arauz, Business Specialist, Kentucky Adult Education -- 502-892-3004

Gayle Box, Senior Associate, College & Career Prep -- 502-892-3012

Missy Brownson, Senior Associate, System Support (Communications and Outreach) -- 502-892-3014

Joyce A. Bullock, Senior Fellow for Professional Development, College and Career Prep -- 502-892-3015

Natalie Cummins, Associate, Administrative Leadership -- 502-892-3021

Cody Davidson, Director, Administrative Leadership -- 502-892-3022

Don Howerton, Senior Associate, Administrative Leadership -- 270-824-8596

Sharon Johnston, Director, College and Career Prep -- 502-892-3029

Jacqueline Korengel, Assistant Vice President, Kentucky Adult Education -- 502-892-3033

Debbie McCoy, Business Specialist, College & Career Prep -- 502-892-3038

Natasha L. Murray, Senior Associate, Administrative Leadership -- 502-892-3045

Terry Pruitt, Director, System Support -- 502-892-3055

Toni Quire, Associate, System Support -- 502-892-3056

Janet Slayden, Associate, Administrative Leadership -- 502-892-3078

Rae Smith, Senior Associate, College and Career Prep (KY HSE Admin., GED® Services) -- 502-892-3058

Ashley Smither, Associate, Administrative Services -- 502-892-3059

Reecie Stagnolia, Vice President, Kentucky Adult Education -- 502-892-3060

Terry Tackett, Senior Associate, Administrative Leadership -- 502-892-3063

Jerry Ann Warmouth, Business Specialist, College and Career Prep (GED® Services) -- 502-892-3065

Benita Wilhoite, Business Specialist, College and Career Prep (GED® Services) -- 502-892-3067